Wash-up Blades


Wash-up Blades



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 Washup Blades

Our wash-up blades are manufactured to fine tolerances for perfect fit on old and
new presses alike. They are resistant to chemical attack from inks and solvents
and are highly efficient and durable.
A perfect profile ensures excellent wash-up results each time, reducing the
amount of wash-up chemicals used and reducing down-time on the press.
Our blades are available for the vast majority of offset sheet-fed, web and
continuous form presses in either metal / rubber, metal / urethane, rubber (EPDM),
plastic or Tufnol format. Each individual blade is presented in a plastic sleeve
with the machine reference for easy identification.
• Size and style specification guaranteed
• High resistance to wear
• Accurate fit first time – no adjustment required
• Corrosion-proof steel
• Chemical resistant rubber and plastic
• Individually packed in protective sleeve
• Moulded rubber tip chemically bonded – no breakdown