Shear Bolt S93


Shear Bolt S93

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Suited for Polar 145, 150 & 155

Steel Shear Bolts for Polar 145EL, Polar 150EL, Polar 150CE, Polar 155CE, and Polar 155 EMC Paper Cutters.  The largest diameter on the shank on these shear pins or safety bolts is 14mm (.54″), except where it is undercut. It is 80mm (3.15″) long below the head. It has an M14 thread. A matching hex nut is also supplied with each of these shear bolts.

Note that some of these were originally supplied with through holes at the break point and some were originally supplied with a groove at the break point. Both styles of safety bolts are interchangeable as they have been engineered to break at the same load.

This shear bolt does not fit most of the Polar155 EMC II or the Polar 155 E and Polar 155 ED paper cutters.  For shear bolts for these machines, which only use one safety bolt per pull arm assembly, and with the cross pin through the head, see our Part # S101