Anti Marking Film


Anti Marking Film

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Anti Marking paper can be used by all commercial printers on both coated and non coated paper, from light to heavy stock. An alternative to Transfer Cylinder Jackets. Enables the printer to run the press at higher production speed without marking and minimizes down time due to ink build-up on the press cylinders. 

  • Long lasting top quality anti-marking system at affordable price
  • Simple, cost effective alternative to other anti-marking products and air drums
  • Prevents costly wasted sheets due to ink build-up on transfer and delivery cylinders
  • Quick and east to install – no press modifications or cylinder surface treatments needed
  • Resistant to ink, oil, standard press wash-up solvents and water
  • Uniform thickness

Premium Quality, Polyester backing and Long lasting


  • Size                    1150mm x 1 metre
  • Glass Beads      170 micron particle
  • Bead Coating   Approx 2500 beads/cm2
  • Thickness         196 – 198 micron