Anti Marking

Coated with a uniform layer of over 2500 microscopic silicon glass beads per sq/cm. The ink repellent 170 micron spherical silicon glass beads prevent ink smearing on the transfer cylinders and ensures that only the smallest possible area is in direct contact with the wet ink during transfer. MINIMISES down-time due to cleaning of ink build-up on the press cylinders.

Easy installation:

Installation is simple: just attach the film or paper to the transfer and delivery cylinders. No press modifications are necessary. Clean the cylinder surface and smooth the film onto the cylinder using either the self-adhesive backing of the AMF-A film, or double adhesive tape or spray-on adhesive with the AMF film and AMP paper.

Quick Cleaning:

To keep the AMF and AMP in perfect running condition occasionally wipe it down with a rag moistened with a mild or diluted press wash solution.

Universal Application:

These anti-marking systems can be used by all commercial printers on both coated and non-coated paper, from light to heavy stock.

  • Long lasting top quality anti-marking system at an affordable price
  • Simple, cost effective alternative to other anti-marking products and air drums
  • Prevents costly wasted sheets due to ink build-up on transfer and delivery cylinders
  • Quick and easy to install – no press modifications or cylinder surface treatments needed
  • Resistant to ink, oil, standard press wash-up solvents and water
  • Uniform thickness – dimensionally stable base substrate

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